Bill Douglas

Maintenance Supervisor

Bill Douglas was born in Montgomery, Alabama but was raised in Columbus, Ohio after his family moved there when he was three years old. Growing up, he frequently visited an aunt and uncle in Huntsville. Each year, his uncle would ask when he was going to move “down here.” Following a visit in 1978, he finally decided to make the move to Huntsville. Soon after, he found employment at TVA’s Iuka Nuclear Power Plant and then moved to Muscle Shoals. After the power plant closed, he was unable to find suitable employment and decided to return to Ohio.

In 1983, Bill returned to Huntsville for another family visit and was once again impressed by the friendly environment in the Huntsville area. I went to a neighborhood fish fry. It was so much fun. Everyone was so friendly bringing food and drinks, having a great time. I felt so welcome and comfortable. I decided that I wanted move back to Huntsville. He returned to Ohio, worked out a notice, and six weeks later returned to Huntsville where he has remained. Moving to Huntsville was one of the best things I ever did. It is a great place to raise a family. Bill commented that he is glad Huntsville has retained its small town mentality in many ways. Although it has grown tremendously, the diversity here works well. It’s still a very friendly and comfortable place to live.

Bill married his wife Pam in 1990 and happily became the father to a five-year-old son, Robert. I think that because I was a step-father, I was more aware of how I interacted with Robert than I might have been as his biological parent. I would think twice before I said or did things and in the long run I think this allowed us to become not only father and son but real friends, as well. Robert has married and Bill is proud to have a beautiful granddaughter, Kalana, and grandson,Wyatt.

In 1983, Bill began painting for Valley Garden Apartments. As opportunities presented them-selves, he moved from painting into maintenance where he worked for Oxford Properties and for other management companies. After several years, Bill returned to painting and decided to open his own painting company. A short time later, he became a painting con-tractor for Oxford Properties. He continued to paint here for over twenty years until two years ago when he took the position as the Maintenance Supervisor for Oxford Properties.

When asked about travel experiences, Bill said that trips between Ohio and Huntsville were about it! He traveled some during his late teen years when he worked on a road crew for a funk band that eventually was an opening act for Ray Charles. Other than that, most of my travel has been on the travel channel.

Bill loves spending time with his grandchildren. He has little time for hobbies these days, but enjoys a variety of music rock, blues, and contemporary jazz. He also likes fishing and yard work. I’ve become more domestic at my age!

Bill hopes to continue to grow and learn in his current position as Maintenance Supervisor. I want to remain a valuable employee and increase my responsibilities with the company. I enjoy working with the other Oxford employees. They are a great group of men and women. I also enjoy meeting and providing service to the residents.

When asked what he would like to teach his grandson, Bill replied. I hope that he learns, from my example, to treat others fairly and with respect. I want him to realize the importance of treating other people the way he wants to be treated. I would also like for him to learn to be tolerant and accept people’s differences. He added, I want him to learn to look beyond first impressions to be non-judgmental. You might miss an opportunity to find a friend if you are too quick to make a judgment about someone. When asked if he had any regrets about his life, Bill replied, I don’t really have regrets. I think you learn and grow from every life experience. Each experience provides another opportunity to improve. My life so far has been full of learning experiences!