Juan Vega

Maintenance Technician

Juan Vega was born on the island of Puerto Rico, in the city of Humacao. He grew up surrounded and loved by his mother, father, one brother, and 3 sisters. There was also an extended family which included aunts, uncles, and many cousins. “Growing up on the island was fun. The weather was great. There was always something to do out-side. We went to the beach a lot.”

He attended public schools in Puerto Rico. After graduation from High School, Juan attended technical school and learned welding. Juan says his best time growing up was High School, “I really enjoyed High School. I had many friends and we had lots of fun. It was a great time.”

Juan came to the United States in 1991, coming directly to Huntsville. He is joined here by his mother and two sisters who also live in the area. Juan is divorced and has a 6 year old son, Josiah. His steady girl friend also has several children. On the week-ends Juan enjoys spending time with his son, friends, and his family. “My son and I like to go places together. He also loves to play games—especially on the Wii. I play that with him.”

Juan began working for Oxford Properties 10 years ago as a maintenance technician. He is a very talented and dedicated worker who is liked by the other employees. He says that he enjoys his co-workers at Oxford Properties.

On his off time, Juan likes to go to movies and watch boxing on television. He also enjoys working on cars. Juan listens to a variety of music but especially enjoys Latin and disco music. “I enjoy working, but I really like to take vacations with my family and friends. Those are the good times!”

Juan is very settled in the United States. He visits Puerto Rico but plans to stay in the United States. He would like to buy a house and raise his son here. “I like living in the States. I’m working, and I have some of my family here. It’s a nice life.”